Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Hot Air Balloon at Our House

It is a tradition for us to attend the Great Reno Balloon Race each September but when a balloon lands at our own house it is an exciting event. This gentleman has landed at or near our house once each summer for the past 3 years and the children are delighted.

Walking on the balloon to get the air out--- How fun!

Kensley getting in on pressing out the air of the "Hot Boon."

The children rolling on the balloon to get the air out.

Folding the balloon to go in the bag.

This is Emry and Ayden helping to put t balloon in the bag.


Jenn said...

How cool! Does it land in your backyard?

Tammy G said...

It has landed in our street the first time, hit our chimney and landed in our front yard last summer and this time it was not actually in our yard but flew over our house and landed on Dorchester--it is a fscination for us. Have you been to the balloon races? It is a spectacular thing to see, come with us this year.