Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I realize everyone is over Mother's Day but here is what we did!

We had a picnic at Commons Beach in Tahoe City. I love this picture and I am so happy to have four beautiful children to grow with and share my life with. The other night I stood outside their bedroom door listening to them talk as they went to sleep and was struck with the fact that this is their childhood. It is their time to make memories by chatting, playing and experiencing life together. My childhood is long over, but their's is in full swing. I hope they have as much fun being a child as my brother and I did.

We also took a family bike ride through Squaw Valley. It was Brady's first time in the bikeseat, I think he had a great time. Yes, HE is wearing a pink helmet, but he's boy enough to take it.

Dosen't he look content?

Ayden and Emry ready to ride.

Kensley rode in a bike seat on Jay's bike--so much fun!

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